Capturing History and Memories

Capturing History and Memories

“The New Studio” has been an ongoing project for almost three years now. It is finally nearing completion! Yea! But that sets into motion a new journey… selling my home of thirty years and moving to my new home. For someone like myself, who saves everything, values things for sentimental reasons and does NOT like change, this is monumentally huge. Not only the logistics of packing up thirty-plus years of saving and collecting, but also dealing with the devastation of leaving behind a huge piece of who I am. A good sized piece of my heart is being left behind. But there are a few measures that have been taken to hopefully ease that pain… just a little….

Back in 2011, I lost three oak trees on my property during a storm. My boyfriend, Jim, who is always thinking and planning, trimmed and hauled those three 60 to 80 foot trees to be rough sawn into boards, then loaded and moved again to be stored over the winter, then hauled out once more to be planed into finished boards… all so that I could, in his words, “take a little bit of Highland Street” with me. At the time, the new studio was only a vaguely formed idea. But now, those beautiful red oak boards are a beloved part of the flooring in my new studio! Isn’t he sweet?

Studio floor

The second memory preserved also came in the form of wood. A number of years ago, dear friends of my late husband and I were moving from their homestead, an awesome piece of history built in 1700, to Florida and they had to leave a lot of things behind. One of the things they passed along to us before their move was a small collection of wide pine floor boards, original to the home. At the time, my husband built a few small things with some of the boards, and the rest were carefully stored in the rafters in our cellar. Fast forward to the present day… two of those fabulous, history-infused floorboards have now been re-purposed into a wicked cool counter top in the studio! History and memories preserved once again!

Studio, counter top

Lastly, a bit of “The Universe Aligning”, came in the form of scrounging for lighting that would fit my theme of vintage industrial style. Jim, a fellow “keeper of things”, dug around in his barn, came up with five large pendant lights and asked if they might fit the bill. I loved them instantly! After a good cleaning and a little modifying, his electrician friend came over to install them. When we presented the pendants, Mike said, “Hey! I gave you these years ago! They came out of Otis Air Force base.” Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! My dad, my hero, who we lost back in 1992, was a retired Master Sergeant and aircraft electrician at Otis for most of his life!!! Were those lights in his shop? Did he walk under them? Work under them? Maybe climb a ladder and replace a bulb in one of them? I like to think so… Now, through those pendant lights, my dad will forever be a part of the new studio!!! How cool is that?!!

Studio, pendant light

A love of history and preserving memory is a theme that runs throughout my life, and the metalworking that I do reflects this as well. Although I’ll leave behind loving echoes of a former life when I sell my home, I know I will be wrapped in the warmth of cherished memories and inspired by a rich history in the new studio that awaits….


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